The American Dilemma

We currently have a wide open system of communication where folks can distribute media…and somewhere the video is not only watched but seen as a representation of “America”…a very racist America. This creates a political dilemma for those of us who are caught in “America”, hoping that “shit doesn’t pop off”…to use the terminology in a few hip hop songs I’ve heard recently. We have quite stupid racists in America, dug down deep in American society with their laptop and video making programs, and what they produce is fodder for the masses across the world (Here is a link to the story my argument is based on).

These aren’t just Southern rednecks. As this article shows, they have various roots…various genealogies. This is the flexibility of racism…this is the flexibility of xenophobia. How is it that we don’t see that the racism and fear mongering at the core of America isn’t tolerated in other nations like it is in the United States? While this nation attempts to cover up its racist and xenophobic core, people in other nations see it for what it is. (Why do you think the whole world was thrilled that Obama was elected after the age of George W.??) And now, unlike previous decades, we can’t cover it up so easily. If anything, the United States is that private laboratory, protected by the supposed merits of national principles like “freedom of speech”, where any individual can spew out hatred and ignorance for the world to see.


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